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The day when you arrive, Mustapha, the caretaker and Aïcha, his wife will meet you at the Villa KHINA LA MENARA. Mustapha will then ask you for your passports so as to make a copy of them as required by the Morroccan police.

They will serve you breakfast, included in your stay: mint tea, coffee, cold and hot milk, chocolate, cereals, Morroccan pastries (“m’samen”),toasts, butter, apricot and strawberry jam, orange juice…

If you would like Aïcha to prepare a “couscous”, “tajine” or “kefta”, typical Morroccan dishes, you will have to tell Mustapha the day before for the following day or in the morning if you want it for the evening and it will cost you 100 dirhams per adult, that is about € 9 (50 dirhams a child under 10 years old), drinks not included. Cash with order.
Likewise with mint tea during the day or in the evening, if you want some, it will cost you 50 dirhams for a teapot (about 10 tea glasses), cash with order too. (100 dirhams if you want to have it with “m’samen”, the traditional Morroccan pancakes).

The villa is fully equipped with WIFI.

For your grocery shopping, I suggest that you go to the “Atacadao" with free access to the store.

There’s a safe with a code that will be given to you before you leave.

I wish you a wonderful stay at the “Villa KHINA LA MENARA” and in the magnificent city of Marrakech.

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